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14/4 Plenum Cable, Shielded, 14 Gauge, 4 Conductor Cable

# of Conductors4 Conductors Conductor Gauge Size14 AWG Conductor TypeStranded Insulation MaterialLS PVC Shield TypeOverall Foil Shield and Drain Wire Jacket MaterialLS PVC ApprovalsCL3P RoHs

Our 14 Gauge, 4 Conductor Shielded Plenum Cable is available in multiple lengths and usually ships via standard ground shipping.
We can ship this cable to your job site.

  • Plenum Cable 14/4 Shielded
  • 4 Conductor Cable
  • 14 Gauge Stranded Bare Copper Conductors
  • Color coded wires inside
  • Type CMP/CL3P
  • White Plenum Rated Jacket
  • Made in the USA
  • On a Spool


  • Security
    The security industry utilizes #14 AWG security Cable in applications that require a larger gauge size than typical installations. The 4 conductor cable enable the connections with easy to differentiate color coded wires.
  • HVAC
    The Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioner market is served by specialized electrical contractors. Some HVAC applications require a 14 gauge cable to be utilized because of it's lower resistance. The 4 conductor wire is ideal because of it has additional conductors and the entire 14-4c plenum cable is CMP rated.
  • Speakers
    If you are an audiophile, then you are going to love using our 14 AWG plenum speaker wire. These carry a CL3P plenum rating that can be installed inside the plenum air return.
  • Access Control
    Access control is used in the security industry to control access to doors, door contact, keypads and card readers. In many cases, there is a combination of voltage and signal that need to travel over mixed distances. 14 AWG stranded cable can do this and by using a 4 conductor cable, you can assign part of the wires to carry data while the other can carry limited power per NEC article 800 and NEC article 725 for power limited controls.
  • CCTV Camera Power
    Many Closed Circuit Television security cameras are installed at farther distances than it's power supply, adding to the resistance and voltage drop. In addition, if the cameras being installed use infrared technology, the load is greater. Using our 14/4 Plenum cables helps to reduce circuit loads and extends the life of the equipment.

Normally, all 14/4 Shielded Plenum Cable lengths ship within 24 hours, not including weekends and holidays. Free shipping and price discounts are offered for large quantity orders for 14 gauge 4 conductors.

Technical Details
# of Conductors
4 Conductors
Conductor Gauge Size
14 AWG
Conductor Type
Conductor Material
Bare Copper
Strand Count
Insulation Material
Color Code
Shield (Y N)
Shield Type
Overall Foil Shield and Drain Wire
Jacket Material
O.D. (Inches Nom.)
300 Volts (Power Limited)
Weight /LBS per 1000FT:
Item Type
Plenum Cable
Other Part Numbers
14/4 plenum cable, 14-4c plenum Cable, 14/4 plenum Wire, 4 conductor cable, 14 awg shielded cable, 14-4 shielded CMP, 14 AWG cable
All data and dimensions are nominal and subject to industry standards and may vary according to plant of manufacture.
Data is provided for informational purposes and does not create a binding obligation nor liability to the seller. Data can change without notice. ® All Rights Reserved Ramcorp Technologies LLC.

Specifications: (21420-specs.pdf, 223 Kb) [Download]

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