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Cable and Wire Information

Plenum Cables for Export

Why Plenum Cables are gaining popularity outside of the U.S.

Plenum Cables are gaining popularity outside of the United States. Plenum cables, also known as "plenum wire," are rapidly gaining popularity outside the United States and Canada. But what exactly is a plenum cable and why is it becoming more popular? First, let's define what a plenum cable is. Plenum cables are special cables designed for...

CL3P Rated Wire & Cable

What is a CL3P Cable Rating?

Understanding the CL3P Cable Rating In the world of cables, the term CL3P often comes up. The cable rating CL3P is an important factor when it comes to choosing cables for various applications, specifically in commercial and industrial buildings. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of what CL3P is, its reliability, and where it...

What Is The Difference Between A Wire and A Cable?

What Is The Difference Between a Wire and a Cable?

Differences Between a Wire and a Cable The ability to clearly understand and explain the differences can facilitate the planning of electrical work. Understanding the differences between a cable and a wire involves introductory electrical engineering knowledge. There are fundamental differences between wires, conductors, and cables that determine when...

Shielded cable

Types of Cable Shield

What are the types of Cable Shield? There are many different types of cable shields. The purpose of shielding cable is to guard against external forces, such as Electrical or Electronic interference as well as physical protection. This protects the inside wires and ensures the integrity of the cable transmission. Below we will describe the most common...

What is the difference between Plenum Cable and Riser cable?

Differences between Plenum Cable and Riser Cable (CMP v. CMR) We get this question asked from time to time and decided to add it to our blog. Although Plenum rated cable CMP and Riser Rated cable CMR have similar in characteristics, like both being low voltage and power limited, here is where they differ. Plenum Cable Plenum Cables are...

How much does Plenum Rated Cable Cost?

What is the cost of Plenum Cable? This is one of our most common questions that we get asked by our customers. At Ramcorp Wire & Cable, we understand the importance of estimating construction projects accurately. Plenum rated cables CMP/CL3P/FPLP are not priced like standard PVC cables. They can typically cost 30 to 50 percent more than riser cables....

Plenum Cable Glossary Terms for Dummies

Of course there are no dummies in the Wire & Cable world, but just in case there are some questions, here the most common or frequently requested terms for Plenum cables. These are not complete nor exhaustive, but the most common phrases or codes that our customers often inquire about. Plenum Cable Terms by codes The first 2 digits indicate...